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We are advocating to see the male body accepted as an art form by social media platforms in America. 

We are standing as artists to repeal the attack upon masculinity, and raise awareness of the censorship and prejudice against male nudity in today's society!

About Us

Our Mission

For hundreds of years the male body has been an accepted form of art.  From Michelangelo's "David", to Da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man", the male image has been a source of inspiration to artists for centuries.  Had these artists lived in current times, their works would be deemed "Strong Sexual Content".  The images would be banned and they would end up in "Social Media Jail" for an undisclosed amount of time!

The standards that exist for men and women are extremely different. A female in a string bikini with only the smallest amount of material covering her genital and nipple area is acceptable, even in the thinest of sheer material.  When a male shows his hip, that is considered suggestive. If you can identify the outline of his genitals through his underwear, that is considered sexual content, as is an oversized bulge! A man can no more control the size of his penis than a woman can her breasts.

So often today, companies are allowing these decisions to be made by computer algorithms, or people outsourced from foreign countries where their religious and sexual beliefs far differ from our own. We are allowing these entities to decide for us what is and is not art and we want that to stop!

The prejudice that exists in social media is just one example of today's assault on masculinity.  Men need to be able to be proud of their penis. They need to be allowed to hunt, fish, take out the garbage and even open the door for a lady!  We are seeing the removal of the term "man" from many words. We have witnessed the elimination of male only organizations, and the word "toxic" being used in the media to address masculinity! So many men feel that there is a societal assault upon their gender! 

We want to see nudity allowed on social media platforms. If there is no body contact or sexual activity taking place, who is to say what is and is not art! We want the media companies to take responsibility by putting proper age restrictions in place. This will allow artists to freely share their creations to their followers and potential clients! FreeThePenis is not only a movement for artists, it's an anthem for all men! It's a statement that you support masculinity, penises, and free speech in America!

How to Help

Join the movement! Spread the word, tell a friend. subscribe, like, follow, post, share, retweet, & hashtag #freethepenis on all platforms. Better yet, buy a fun t-shirt! All the T-shirts are high quality cotton and are designed to get reactions and start conversations. A portion of all proceeds will go towards promoting our cause. 

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Our Founder

Drew Gray is a nudist and a professional freelance model who embodies a vision of confidence and masculinity. He has had the privilege of working with many talented artists and photographers from around the world. Throughout his career, Drew has faced prejudice and obstacles in promoting his brand due to subjective views of what constitutes "Strong Sexual Content".  The portfolio on his website ( contains artistic nude images. This has caused his page to be flagged as a pornographic site, thus restricting his access from many affiliate and influencer programs. These restrictions have greatly affected his ability to maximize his earning potential.  

Drew's goal is to draw attention to the difficulties that nude models and artists of the male physique face when attempting to promote their business or passion. 

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